Hey! Welcome back! I hope you have your fabric ready, because it is time to get sewing! Today, we’re sewing the first quilt block, the Evergreen Tree. Over the course of the sew-along, we’ll be sewing this block in four different fabric options, and we’ll be doing one option per week. So pick which one you want to start with, and let’s get cutting! 

Three fabrics, quilting ruler, rotary cutter

I’m using these fabrics, which are marked CGH on the pattern. 

If you haven’t gotten your fabric yet, you can find them at these links: the tree design, the snowflake design, and the Christmas present design.

First, print the Evergreen Tree quilt block templates.

Print out your templates; they’re on pages 5 and 6 of the pattern. (Don’t have the patten yet? It’s here.) Now, to quote from my patten:

Always print the pattern files in Adobe Reader! It works the best, and it’s free.

Print at 100% and no scaling.

For letter paper, set your printer to “auto portrait/landscape.” For A4, set your printer to “portrait.”

Check your printer settings by measuring the test square.

This is very important! If your scale if off, everything will be off!

Templates for Snowy Woods Quilt:  Evergreen Tree block

You may have noticed that the templates in the pattern are a little different than the templates in the pictures here. I made improvements after taking these pictures; now the pieces are easier to line up, for more accurate sewing. I’m sorry—I know you love your quality time with the seam ripper. 😜 

Second, use Template 2 to cut out the background pieces.

Laying out templates to cut fabric

My mom taught me a couple really good tricks for cutting fabric with these templates. First, print off two copies so you can nest them together like so, and cut more efficiently. 

Now, line up a quilting ruler’s 1/4” line with the stitching line (marked on the pattern). This helps you get a nice, straight cut with your rotary cutter. Bonus—if you accidentally cut off slivers of the pattern (I know I sometimes do 🙈 ), it doesn’t hurt the rest of your blocks going forward, because you’re still 1/4” away from the stitching line.

Cutting fabric with the templates and a quilting ruler

Cut around the edges, then cut the two pieces apart. (That’s my mom in the picture. Hi, Mom! 👋 )

Now remember, you need to cut out mirrored pairs. What you’ve got so far aren’t mirrored—they’ll rotate to be just the same. So now you need to flip the templates over, and cut some more pieces. 

Upside down Evergreen Tree quilt block templates to cut mirror images

If you liked the tip with the seam line, you can draw the stitching lines onto the back of the templates. It’s easy if you put the templates agains a window, mark the corners, then use a ruler to connect your corners. Now you can cut out the second half of these pieces just like you’ve done already.

Continue these steps until you have all the Template 2 pieces you need.

Rotary cut all the rectangle pieces.

Once you have cut the Template 2 pieces, it’s quick and easy to cut out the rectangle pieces for the bottom. Just measure and go with your rotary cutter and quilting ruler. Don’t forget to cut out the little trunk pieces, too!

Now use Template 1 to cut out the trees.

Using the second Evergreen Tree quilt template to cut the trees

Now that we’re done cutting the background and trunks, let’s cut the trees. (Yes, we used Template 2 first, and Template 1 second. Because I’m Chaotic Good like that.)

Again, we printed out two copies for more efficient cutting. Be sure to nest the pieces for the best fabric usage. You have plenty, but who doesn’t like building the stash?

Use the same method as before, only it’s quicker this time. No mirror images, and only one piece/block. Hurray for fewer pieces! (Cutting’s not my favorite part of the process. 😅)

Lastly, sew the Evergreen Tree block together.

Cutting out the fabric for this block was a little tedious, but the sewing is a breeze!

Okay, so maybe it’s not quite as fast as that, but the Evergreen Tree quilt block still sews up pretty quick! It helps that not a lot of places need to be matched up precisely. And the new-and-improved template design makes that one tricky spot not so tricky. Oh, and don’t forget to square up the block when you’re done. Which I didn’t do yet, as of making this reel. 🙃

You’ll be done in no time, and I’ll see you next week! 


Missed the previous post? Go here to read about picking fabrics, with links to the fabrics I used for this quilt.